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2012 & 2013 Award Winner: BEST Boot Camp


Shawn Bell Personal Training


The boot camp program is more than just a great workout. It is a healthy solution for busy professionals, new moms/dads, former or current athletes or anyone that wants to make a change in their lives for the better.  

Specially designed for ALL fitness levels, my intense interval based boot camp workouts focus on pushing you outside your comfort zone, past where you can push yourself. Most of the boot camp workouts are performed without weights, using only your body weight for resistance.

Boot camp workouts are efficient because you work your entire body-- heart and muscles--by going from one exercise to another with minimal rest. The workouts involve calisthenics like push ups, jumping jacks, crunches, squats, creative rope drills, aqua pipes and other body weight exercises...the difference lies in the intensity. In Boot Camp, your challenge is to take your body to its limit. You work, you sweat and, best of all, you burn calories like crazy.




6 Week Program----Unlimited Usage

Boot Camp Schedule

239 W. Stewart St-Puyallup WA 98371


5:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 5:45 PM & 8:15 PM
Tuesday 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM & 9:00 AM
Wednesday 6:00 AM, 5:45 PM & 8:15 PM
Thursday 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM & 9:00 AM 
Friday 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 9:00 AM & 6 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM